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Welcome, nonprofits!

Our mission is to transform communities through storytelling. One of our favorite ways to make major impact with our videos is by partnering with nonprofits. Since our founding in 2016, we have partnered with over 10 nonprofits, created over 65  videos, and donated over $50,000 in services.

In 2020, we're thrilled to offer our donated services to nonprofits who strive to improve our community in big ways. We're offering a total of up to $50,000 in video production services in the Triad, free of charge. Whether your organization has a small budget or no budget, we believe that the power of video should be accessible to everyone who has a great story to tell for a good cause.


Applications are due January 31, 2020.







Fine print: Must be a 501(c)(3) organization to qualify. Please note, each project will be priced at our typical rates to determine the value of the services provided. If your organization has some budget for video to subsidize our work, it will allow us to spread the love and help more causes in our community. Organizations will be selected based on the following criteria: ability to make major impact, scope of project, variable costs to Shift Creative Agency, schedule, and our subjective judgement.


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