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Hey, we’ve been quiet on social media as we work on our brand evolution—but we haven’t been living under a rock. So, we have come back here to make our beliefs and priorities clear: Black Lives Matter.


Our vision at Told by Shift is a world where storytelling leads to human empathy and understanding. This is the reason why our company exists - to tell stories that show us all how deeply connected we are as human beings. This connection as human beings is the non-negotiable foundation that our company has been built on. This is why we proudly joined the Black Lives Matter movement.


Within Told by Shift, we have created a culture of radical accountability. We believe that we are responsible for co-creating our reality. This is why we approach each challenge with curiosity, compassion, and love, and that’s exactly how we are confronting systemic racism on all levels. As a result, we acknowledge that we have had blind spots on our journey and we commit to checking our privilege and using our platform to help make the world equitable for all. We have developed a comprehensive, intentional plan and process that holds us accountable—so that we stay on course to create the world we believe is possible.


The first step in this process is radical transparency. And that’s what we are sharing now, as we take steps to confront systemic racism. Here are some things we will act upon immediately:

  • Employment: Our 5-person team is currently 100% white. It has not always looked like this—and we are committed to ensuring that it does not always look like this. We have been intentional in seeking BIPOC talent, but we admit our shortcomings. We need to do better. Please tag Black DPs, editors, gfx creators, etc. below.

  • Community involvement: We regularly donate significant pro-bono services to non-profits we believe in. Moving forward, we’re focusing our pro-bono services towards grassroots and community organizers leading the Black Lives Matter movement in Winston-Salem, such as the Unity Coalition.

  • Financial contributions: This week, we’re proudly donating to Authoring Action to support the next generation of filmmakers of color. We are also donating to HUSTLE WS in support of their Black solopreneur grant fund—and we challenge others to do the same. 

  • Education: We are currently diving deep into antiracism education through discussion, reading, film (duh), podcasts, protests, and workshops led by POC that center the conversation around Black voices and experiences, particularly those led by Black women.

  • Mentorship: We open our doors to any rising Black creatives or entrepreneurs who are looking for support and guidance in advancing their careers. Please email Sarah Lupton to connect with her or any of our team members.

  • Agitation: We are using our position of privilege to challenge the systems we are a part of, such as the Winston-Salem entrepreneurial ecosystem. We are setting a strong standard of radical accountability for each other, our peers, our mentors, and our clients. We are not stopping when it gets uncomfortable. And trust us, it’s uncomfortable.


What you are reading is not simply a statement. It’s an assertion of our ongoing commitment to create a world of human empathy and understanding. This is a way of being. We unconditionally stand against systemic racism and systems of white supremacy that are pervasive in our society.

All power to all people. Let’s find a way.


Sarah Lupton, Founder & CEO

Jackie Flynn, Head of Strategy & Operations

Lindsay Walker, Creative Director

Max Cullen, Creative Producer

Ian Josey, Associate Producer & Editor

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