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We make shift happen.



There's an alchemy that occurs when powerful information is turned into meaningful action. It's through this process that we are introduced to new ideas and concepts and begin to take them on as our own. We not only understand the new information - we feel it in our bones. And once that happens, there's no stopping us. We're bought in. And you'll start to see it in our actions.

That's the power of storytelling.


And that's what we are experts in at Shift. We work with our clients to take their data, ideas, and goals, and transform them into something indefinable. Something powerful. Something that translates into real movement in the world. So that we can co-create the paradigm shifts that lead to a better future.

We tell stories.

Founded in 2016, we are a creative agency with deep roots in the documentary film tradition. We specialize in the following services:


We bring deep expertise in filmmaking, creative concepting, and strategic planning to every project. We always welcome the opportunity to apply our storytelling talents to new mediums. 

social strategy

content creation

video production

Meet the Crew

Our crew

Max 2.jpg

Maxwell Cullen

Creative Producer

Shannon Rosato

Lead Editor


Ian Josey

Assistant Editor


Grant Conversano

Associate Producer


Sarah Lupton


Jesse James the Shih Tzu

Spirit Animal

our clients

You may recognize some of our clients

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